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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.... VROOOOOM!



Morning all.
Picked up the cruiser on Saturday from Frogs.
Scope of Work:
- Inspect BeB's
- Inspect valve clearances & adjust as necessary
- Remove injectors and pump + forward to the boyz in Swindon for
re-calibration /overhaul/inspection
- Timing belt change
- Replace AC compressor + condenser + commission
- Fit safari snorkle
- Supply & fit battery management system + various power points + 3 new
- Supply & fit auxiliary fuel tank
- Replace leaking pinion oil seal
- Straighten steering wheel that went skew-ways after I replaced all
the steering bits
Costs for each item agreed in advance - which is something that most
garages won't do.
The engine calved on test run + the lads sourced a 1998 with 92K on the
Replacement engine fitted. Gave it a good redding on the way to the
Holyhead Ferry and she's ticking over very nicely. The boyz did a nice
tidy job and it's a definite upgrade from the original 200K mile
OK wasn't planning on forking out for a replacement engine but if
someone told me that I could knock 100K off the engine for 750 quid -
I'd have taken their hand-off.
The jury was out on culpability for the engine failure + I went halves
on the supply cost of the replacement engine. Fitted at Frogs cost + I
was dealth with very fairly when settling the overall bill + got
collected from Luton airport on Saturday morning. These kind of problems
have the potential to get very messy over who's responsible etc and I
have to say that the boyz in Frogs were fair and reasonable at all
times. They did not insist that I paid for it. Just to consider it and
make a fair & reasonable decision. I weighed everything up and went
Fair dews to Frogs Island - they're a professional outfit to deal
So happy days. The cruiser has taken a few steps closer to getting
ready for Africa with a younger engine with less mileage + I've finally
ditched that Nissan Note.
Thanks to all the list for the input to my queries on the engine
calving issue.
1995 HDJ81, 92K miles, BFG AT 285/75/16, OME Winch Bumper, Safari
Snorkle, BMS, Chetah Roof Rack, LRFT, 6 x Hella Rally 3000, 45Ltr Engle
Fridge, 120Ltr water tank etc, etc