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ClimateControl Heater Servo

Steve Bass

New Member
Jun 16, 2020
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Hi Guys,

Before I get villified, I checked the stickies but the Climate Control sticky isn't coming up. :)

So, I have a somewhat old and tired 80 VX with Climate Control.
The AC cold side works a charm, as chilly as you like within a few minutes of starting. Auto function works a charm, and vent control is 100%.
However, the heat function isn't so impressive and I suspect it's either the servo output signal from the CC ECU or the servo/actuator motor.
Before I start ripping into her, can anyone tell me where the servo that drives the heater flap cable is located? The heater hose union at the bulkhead is ok, if I disconnect the cable the valve moves freely and send warm water to the heater. It's just not practical hopping out to pop the bonnet and ajust the flapper manually though :D

Many thanks