Clutch Booster HZJ75


New Member
I am in australia
Apr 5, 2020
G'day, hope youre all doing well.

I came across a clutchbooster on ebay the other day.
BB-025 CLUTCH BOOSTER Toyota Land Cruiser 84-07 FJ75 HZJ75 FJ70 FZJ 31440-60070 | eBay - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
Just wondering if anyone has ever tried to fit one of these? Ive got an hzj75 troopcarrier and according to the specs of the booster it should fit my vehicle. I had a look in my enginebay where that clutchmastercylinder sits, but i think there is no room to fit that booster. the other problem is it fits only a 3 hole mastercylinder, but mine is a 2 bolt hole. Has anyone looked into that or heard of that? cheers, luka
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