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colorado mystery water loss

Cheers for that Toby I'm looking for a small water leak. I'd looked
underneath but couldn't see the rear heater pipes.Now I know what to
look for I'll check and give them a blast of waxoyl.
Rod Firth
Toby Everett wrote:
I'm living in Colorado and last year (summer) there was a water shortage.
Not now with all the snow we've been getting (LOTS)
Still some farmers on the South Platte have their water boreholes turned off (as draining river 2 low)!
oh! u're talking bout something else :)
Lal with his 96 FZJ 140K 80 in Colorado that burst a power steering hose with it was -10C last week (little cold - only
took 4 hrs 2 fix !)
Toby Everett wrote: