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Yes we do have the GX, VX etc. The Colorado 'hoo-haw', as you
call it, refers to the fact that the Prado in the rest of the world is
called the Colorado in the UK.
Regards, Clive.
It=B9s a long story......
Here in the UK, we have the Colorado, which was a UK badged GX/VX etc. We
also have a lot of right hand drive =8Cgrey imports=B9 from Japan, where it is
called the =8CPrado=B9
You=B9ll find that there are lots of different names for cars specific to
countries all over the world.
I heard once that when the Toyota MR2 came out, in France it had a different
name, as MR2 can end up sounding like =8Cmerde=B9.....Don=B9t know if that=B9s true.
Neill Watson
On 21/2/06 8:42 pm, "Reno Lamb" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
>> >Julian Voelcker
>> >I take it that you have a Colorado/Prado or is it another model?
> What's all this hoo-haw then about Colorado/Prado models? Don't you folks
> have GX/VX/VXE like we do on the continent?
Hi Reno,
I'm assuming that Ian's '1997 3.0 TD Auto SWB' is a Colorado/Prado
which is a 90 series as opposed to the 80 series that we have.
Most of the different series are available in either VX/GX/GXL etc -
this just denotes the trim and equipment levels.
Julian Voelcker
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