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Jul 26, 2020
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Hi guys, I'm new and have had a quick look about and can't find anything specifically relating to my snag.
First and foremost on my list is my 98 4.5 s100 is giving me sporadic trans temp warnings when the engine is up to temp, to trigger it I have to very gently touch the accelerator and it comes on stays for a few seconds then goes. Any thoughts?

Second: What common things should I be looking for? This is my first Toyota having made the leap from landrover.

Third and finally, what radiator does what? I have 3 and cant really make sense of it.

Thanks guys.
For the temp warnings, I can't help much, but you can start by making sure you have good fluid and that the level is measured correctly, i.e. while at operating temperature and engine idling. A synthetic ATF will work better than a mineral one, but that doesn't help if the box has a fault. It is not uncommon that the temp sensors fail btw, or just a loose connector on the sensor.

The "radiators"? Do you mean one radiator (for cooling the engine), one condenser (big flat radiator) for the AC, and the third might be a smaller oil cooler.
Thanks for the reply, I have ordered all new oil for the diffs, gearbox, transfer box and engine. Hopefully this should solve the issue, I'll check plugs while I'm there.

What tyres do you run on your truck?

Have you had any issues with sunroof drains?
Tyres in my signature (for the summer season). Very good, stable and quiet. I have tried hard to make them aqua plane, but no luck.
I haven't had blocked drains, but I hear that it is not uncommon. There's one in each corner iirc.