Compass & Altimeter

Ecky Thump

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Mar 4, 2010
Reigate, Surrey

I posted exactly the same question some years ago on the other forum.
Never found anything and tracing the wires was a waste of time too. :thumbdown:

Eventually smoke started to pour from the roof lining and the cables feeding the unit all fused together.
Needless to say it is all isolated and I removed the unit to make yet another little storage cubby. Check the wiring above the unit and where it disappears into the roof lining just in case you have the same issue :pray:

What I did find was, there is a little gyro unit in the middle of the boot roof lining that connects to it and a lot of the cables went down to the original double din radio unit. This had been ditched before I got the car so I don't know if it was integral to the compass etc.
I imagine the compass and gyro were part of an original sat nav unit.

Good hunting
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Apr 27, 2010
there's extensive posting about this on ih8mud from people fitting it to cars without, albeit mostly to get the sub tank gauge. there should be wiring info there.

you're right, the grey thing in the middle of the headlining is for the compass. not sure about sat nav connections though, i'm afraid mine is too old for this.
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