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cooling debate



My 2pworth is that the cooling on my LC2 70 (3 litre TD) is brilliant. Last
year I towed our caravan to N Spain and back in temperatures up to 38
celsius, doing 85mph and occasionally 90 on the Autoroutes. The gauge never
shifted . . . . until we got a stone through the rad at speed as we were
approaching Boulogne on the way home. I wasn't aware of this, but the gauge
started seesawing up and down (as opposed to its usual rock-steadiness) so I
got off the motorway and stopped. There was a jet of hot coolant coming out
through the grill and hitting the road about 10 feet in front. My point is
that the temp seems to stay spot on, but the gauge will certainly tell you
when there's a problem.
(We had a new rad fitted in Boulogne - the old one was mashed in too many
rows and we couldn't wait for a recoring - by the Toyota main dealer who
also checked the head and hoses and only charged about ?25 per hour for
labour. How about that?)
In Norway they'll charge you 950,-NOK per hour-how about THAT? :-(
On Nov 25, 2005, at 6:02 PM, john mccartney wrote:
That's about the same rate as my local UK Toyota Main Stealer
Lubomir Kolev wrote:
25 pounds is 294,-NOK -it's three times cheaper!!!!!!
On Nov 25, 2005, at 6:30 PM, Peter Browning wrote:
Hey Guys
You are joking about the labour cost in your Toy dealer. MIne charges 50
euro an hour and I think thats bad.
john c
92 Hdj 80 1HDT Ireland
?85 / hour is what my local dealer charges!
John Byrne wrote:
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Hey Peter
At that price id be learning a lot about my cruiser and more. Have you
thought about setting up a Toy delership.
John c
92HDJ 80 1HDT ireland
----- Original Message -----
My LC never sees the outside, never mind the inside of a main dealer!! :-D
John Byrne wrote: