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Cost of new clutch for 2001 Colorado 3.0 D4D


New Member
May 24, 2012
Just had my landcruiser checked over by local Toyota dealer - clutch judder .

They diagnosed a new clutch and a price of £1430.00 inc vat

This cost includes a new dual mass flywheel , which might not be needed .

I dont know much about the mechanics from what ive read in the manual & theres no dual mass flywheel involved

Am I right ? Any ideas on what price I should be paying ?
I paid £500 inc Vat for mine. top notch clutch aswell. Can't recall offf the top of my head which one but can dig out the paperwork if you need to know. But mine is the 1KZ engine but can't see as there would be much different.

Checked & engine is 1KD - I live in Bury St Edmunds - if there somebody local who wants to quote for the job ?

Hope this helps
I had a clutch put into mine a couple of years ago, €840 including labour from a main dealer. No DMF, so that sounds quite expensive. Although I have. Feeling they didn't replace the thrust bearing as it whirrs every so often
My LWB 2001 with KZ-TE engine had new full clutch kit by 'Blueprint' (OEM supplier?) in May for £450 inc vat.

Excellent & trusted rural garage. just a long way away for you.

Hope this helps,