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Couple of questions, chat and insights



Ian, and Anthony
I use engine breaking too, and use auto as a manual gearbox many times, especially on steep hills and even steeper dunes.
The gearbox I believe, is designed for this too, so I often don't use my brakes at all - this is probably why the front calipers seized mid 2004.
It cost =A3550 to have them replaced.
People often ask me how I deal with reversing back down dunes with an auto gearbox, like everything, I think its a question of driver skill and knowing how the 4x4 works in sybiosis with the driver.
I currently have 135,000 on the clock. In 2003 (Nov) I had a serious engine electrical fault - very expensive as the start motor, solenoids, and most other electrical things had to be replaced, or checked - it was in the garage for 6 weeks, and cost nearly =A32000 to fix. Someone said at that time "was it worth it?" and I said yes. Dec 2004 I questioned this. I know I now have an axle problem, but I reckon I can manage it in my head until I get the bits sent.
So, just some gems of insight in case anyone is interested.
Anthony wrote:
>>> [Email address removed] 12/28/04 07:25pm >>>
Hi Ian,
I can not see any problem with using the gear box for engine braking and do
this all the time as I live in hilly windy Wales and often use the auto box
in a manual manor taking off the O/D or putting it into second or even first
when negotiating down hill sections or setting up for a bend.