crossmember bolts


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i'm trying to bolt up my receiver hitch and by an expensive process of deduction, i've found that the top threaded holes are neither m12 x 1.25 nor m10 x 1.25.

i've now managed to spend about £20 on 12.9 bolts that don't fit. in hindsight i would have been cheaper just buying the bolts directly from toyota, but of course hindsight is a wonderful thing.

so...anyone know what thread they are? m11 would be my next try, but i can't seem to find any for sale.

Gav Peter

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Just tried (what I think is) an M10×1.25 bolt in the last threaded hole I can find to the rear of my truck - kerching, straight in... Are your threads just full of muck? Its a relatively fine thread so will clog up quite easily...


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i've had a bolt in, just one i had in my garage, i think its from one of the JATE rings on my land rover. not sure what size it is though, i only know its smaller than m12 (which did not fit) and bigger than m10 (which just slid straight on through). it could well be imperial for all i know.

the captive nuts in the crossmember are the same size as those in the chassis towards the rear axle. strangely the ones towards the crossmember which were already used by the tow bar were m12 x 1.25.

ill ask on ih8mud to see if anyone knows and as a last resort, i might think of drilling and tapping them.

got a wedding to attend this weekend, so won't be able to get on with the receiver hitch anyway, but hopefully i can get it in place and get some photos up next week.


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The captive nuts on the cross member are M12x1.25, well there were on mine. Best to tap them out first as they will have some rust in them. If you do not want to pay for a tap then get a spare bolt and cut 2-4 slots down the thread with a very thin cutting disc, some thing like the ones that come with a Dreaml.