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Crunching noises in the rear brakes



My 90 started making some horrible grinding / squeaking / crunching sounds
tonight. It's coming from one of the rear wheels which started seizing up.
The wheel was very hot to the touch. I took the wheel off and inspected the
brake and disc and it looks fine. The handbrake has not worked for some
time. With the wheel back on and after reversing and going forward again the
wheel freed itself for a little while before returning to making growling
sounds again.
Is there seperate brakeshoes (for the handbrake) inside of the drum on the
rear wheels? I'm guessing there is and that the mechanism for these has
broken up inside of the drum. It's going to the garage tomorrow but would
appreciate any advice on how the handbrake is arranged on this car. It's a
1997 KZJ90 (Prado) short wheel base import from Japan.
You are right in your assumption that the parking brake is a drum
brake inside the rear wheels. There is a manual adjuster, a typical
starwheel type.
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