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CTEK MSX 7.0 battery charger replacement


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Jul 24, 2015
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The CTEK MSX 7.0 died today after 8 years of good and pretty much continuous service. Probably going to replace it with the same one because it has served me so well, but just thought i'd put it out there and see if anyone has a better recommendation, and why?


oh and Happy New Year !
I can only +1 for CTEK I'm afraid!

I needed a few for the March lockdown, checked around, read all the reviews and ended up buying CTEK again!
I have two for charging my bike and kids car, but it's the 5.0. Happy with them, not sure what the differences between the 7.0 and 5.0 are
I think the only difference is the maximum amount of current (amps) it can use to charge the battery. I've got a few 5.0's a 10 and a 25 I use in different situations.
Thanks Chaps. Decision made.

I went for the 7 because it can charge the main battery and leisure battery at the same time which saves a lot of faffing changing it over.
After a lot of fafing about with a solar panel , charge controller etc. i went for a 5.0 which will maintain the 2 x 12 V batteries on the 95 but will only "recondition" one battery at a time - this is just an equalise charge as done on P.V. systems every month. 1+ for Ctek
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I've just purchased the mxs 5.0 test & charge, will report back its my first. I really need it with four stationary vehicles during 'lockdown'