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cup of tea


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May 2, 2010
thought I would share this as over the years of using various flasks glass break, steel leak, so then used stoves including kelly kettle-slow, gas two ring-too bulky and a pain to set up just for some tea, msr quick to boil but takes about the same time to prime/pre heat, 12v kettle-very slow slightly better if engine is running, so was I glad when I saw the jet boil system, yes it's not the cheapest but it is so compact that it's easy to get at and it is just so you can have some tea with your sandwich.
Ahh now you're talking. Stoves! I don't have a Jetboil, but have seen them. Very impressive. I have a Kelly which I simply love if wild camping. Something very satisfying. I have an original Camping Gaz Globetrotter still with its pans. I have 3 GT 90g cartridges left for it. These haven't been made for decades. I grabbed as many as I could. The stove still has a cult following. I have a new Globetrotter (only about 20 years old that one in its pans and carry box) plus the matching lantern. These work on the screw on cartridges not the pierce-able ones. Not the same really.
I have two of those picnic stoves that use the sort of aerosol gas canisters that fit into the side. I have to say that whilst they're not very chic, they are instant light and could melt a wok on full power. I use those more than anything else. I have other old Bluet type stoves, lamps and heaters too but today bought one of those Colman Dual Fuel twin ring cookers. I like it already. That is for the back of the truck. Steel case, nice and strong. I asked Charlie and Nina what their most reliable and indispensable piece of kit was when they went round Asia. it was their Colman stove. Well if it's good enough for them.... It matches the dual fuel lantern too which I like but I wish I had bout the dual mantle one.

But the best of the lot still has to be the Trangia. I thought it was good until I saw the gas conversion kit for it. Holy Cow. That could be used to melt steel girders. You can't use it on full as it melts the handles on things. Utterly brilliant. 5 stars.

I feel better for that. Thanks

Was speaking to head guy at Itchy Feet in London [it has since closed and retreated to Bristol after 25% rent hike] and he said that to pros and serious outdoor folk are moving from jetboil to MSR's Reactor as it is more versatile [although more expensive]. It can take a larger pot too. If you google search Reactor versus Jetboil you will see the comparisons - MSR were slow to the market with their cookers but have caught up and are making the running.

That said for overlanding multi-fuel is better and it is hard to beat the MSR XGK.

I have a little Royal Gas cooker in the back of truck which is rudimentary but works fine.
The jet boil is a great bit of kit, and compact enough to use on the bike too.
fridayman said:
The jet boil is a great bit of kit, and compact enough to use on the bike too.

I suppose it could balance on the tank, but what about when you go around corners?
I'll stick with the bikers cafes when on the bike and the jetboil for off road in the 80.