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dark green 80 running Simex tires



I like them a lot, even more than the old 35x10.5 ET's I used to run.
The wider ET II's float a bit better across peat while still being good
diggers where the narrower originals dig a hole so fast you're sitting
on your axles before you realise it ;-) They're a bit better behaved on
road as well.
Haven't found anywhere to sell me some thick rubber to make flares out
of but I haven't looked very hard.
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Sent: 05 May 2006 14:44
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Subject: [ELCO] Re:dark green 80 running Simex tires
So ... how do you like 'em? I notice that your fenders were all muddy.
heh heh. I had to cobble up ugly rubber flares on my Rangie just to
keep the mud out of the interior! But I am the only, solitary, unique
4x4 that can make it up our toughest muddy hill, thanks to the Fedimas I
run now.
>From: "Jon Wildsmith" <[Email address removed]>
>>Who's got the grey 80 running Simex tires? (or Fedima, Blackstar
>If by 'grey' you mean dark green you might be talking about mine Reno


Thanks for the suggestion / link Sripad. I don't *think* any of those
will work for me unfortunately, the universal ones look like they need a
lip inside the wheel arch which I don't have. I need something similar
but same attachment method as the 'American Suzuki SJ' arch extensions
(don't think they would fit the 80 though ;-)
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Hi Jon,
Try L.A. Supertrux. They sell flexy flares.
1990 LJ70 2.4TD
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