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Darrin's (Roaming Yak) DVD Shameless Plug ;-)



Just thought I would let you know that I spent the other night watching
Darrin's DVD on Morocco.
It's probably more of a Travelogue than a Documentary, but still well
worth getting if you are ever considering venturing into North Africa.
You get a really good feel for what the scenery is like as well as the
driving conditions which I was surprised how varied they were.
The ten routes/pistes that he drives provide a lot of variety and it's
useful to see a little more detail about them on the accompanying
website. If you have the time read your way through the diary, you get
a much better feel for the people and places.
Anyway, Darrin is willing to extend his offer of cut price copies of
the DVD for a bit longer so if you haven't ordered one, pop over to
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
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