Dash board removal to get a junction box and central locking relays


New Member
I am in australia
Apr 27, 2014
Has anyone ever removed a dashboard in a 100 Series. I am after some info I have a 2002 100 series that the central locking has stopped for the lock unlock is working ok. I have come to the conclusion that the junction box on the passenger side has got water in it or something making the lock relay not work. The real question is after looking in to this the relay is on the back of the junction box and the only way to get it out is by removing the whole dash board whomever designed this really needs there head read. But any way has anyone ever had to remove a dash or does anyone know anyone around Melbourne Vic Aust that can do it without costing a arm and a leg. I can fix the relay or sort the wiring problem myself. I have been trying to find a video on it on you tube but I can only find Videos on replacing the radio. Anyone have any ideas that could help that would be great.
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