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Day out with the boys and the girls



Hey Gareth
When are you roughly thinking about going for a fun day or two out in the wilds with the cruisers. I missed last years and Ill tell you if I lived there with you lot I would be looking at one day out a month to keep every one in top form and happy. But because im here and you are there ill have to do with what I can get wont I. My kids are getting a mid term the start of NOV and if I came over it would be with them and my better half so I would have to keep them happy aswell as putting me first for the day or two of off roading, which I think I deserve. So Ill be looking into what will occupy them for some of the break, so wher did you say the land is that can be used, so I can look around to see what we can do. I believe there is some really good war museums and stuff down south. Anyway maybe if a rough time frame was thought about and then it might be possible to meet as many of the other members as possible.
Just a thought but if people would like to send me photos of their cruisers and themselves that would be great cause I only have Romans cruiser photo but none of him. So please think about it its just it would be nice to put faces to names and see waht every one is driving aswell.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland