delivery of oil



Hi Guys
I am strongly thinking of buying some Amsoil from the UK and Gareth has very
kindly said he will take it in for me untill I can collect it early next
month. So I was wondering if any of you would like to get in on some rreally
good oil. I think I will get a nice discount with what I am buying so am
willing to get the same discount for others if it is on the same order. Im
sure he would do it if you were buying a good bit but if not and a few
members want some, well you get it at that discount like we all will. Its
just an idea at the moment and gareth has said he will deliver it to any one
at the day out if you wish. The oil is about ?36.50 per 5 litres for fully
synthetic in the 15w40 but maybe we could save about 20% on that.
I may be going for some 15w40 and then in a while im thinking of changing it
to 10w30 which from what I have read is the tolerance of the original Jap
oil that these engines were made for. It would seem that oil flow is more
important than oil pressure. Any thoughts about this as usual im all ears
well not really or am I ???. I dont know how you would set up paying for it
if you wanted some oil but im sure one of you will know what to do. As I
say just a thought is all.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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