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Devils Pit - Bedfordshire 19th September


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Feb 25, 2010
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Devils Pit is a play and pay place in Bedfordshire in Barton- Le-Clay (close to Luton) (link)
Once a month they have a open day where you can just arrive, pay your £26 per vehicle and then you are free to enjoy.

The open days available for the rest of the year are:
Sunday's ONLY

19th September
10th October
7th November
5th December

Opening times
9.30am till 3.30pm Oct - Feb
9.30am till 4.30pm March - Sept

I have not yet been to this place so I am planning on going on Sunday 19th September.

If anyone is interested in coming along, then post your interest on this thread.
Tony, its not a bad place, I went about 6 years ago.
My abiding memory is that the mud is mostly clay, when it dries out and falls off the truck it does a fantastic job of cleaning the chassis :clap:
Julian said:
...... mud is mostly clay, when it dries out and falls off the truck it does a fantastic job of cleaning the chassis :clap:
Oh no.... not more mud to block my storm drain... :roll: Last visit to Lincomb farm cost me £100 :shock: for someone to come and clean it out... place was starting to flood :violin: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
not sure if i can get there til later in the week,will let you know
be good to catch up.
cheers gary
Just bumping this thread in case anyone is interested in coming along. I should be there for around 10am on Sunday.
hi tony, i may have a pop down on sun, have a word with dave see if hes up for it. Let u know
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Just to follow up with this day. Sorry no pics.......

It's not a bad place to play at, with some interesting and challenging bits. The only thing I did not like was the white clay which got in everywhere :roll:

Anyway I had a great day and LB did herself proud. I managed to do some of the more interesting climbs with no real issues and I have to say LB impresses me more and more every time. This is one of the steeper bits which I went up first time, it's a older youtube clip, but gives you an idea:


There is another bit to the right of where this chap is trying to get up, which although is not as steep it is rutted and took some effort to get up, I got up first time round and on the second time around I struggled, but made it in the end (I have since discovered that I have broken something in the drivetrain, prob the half shaft again) :oops: :roll:

I got stuck in a mud hole and a kind chap in a Range Rover tried to pull me out, but he gave up after he blew his rear diff.... needless to say he was not impressed. I managed to winch myself out in the end using a tree as a anchor, so that was a positive.
On the way back out, I came across another RR which had pulled his tyre half off the rim, so I helped him with the air compressor on LB and he managed to re inflate the tyre. Silly sod had left his locking wheel nut key at home :clap:

All in all a great day, with some lessons learnt. Now to repair LB and go try again this time staying away from the front locker :violin:
looks good fun tony. Obviosly didnt bother coming down. Arrived home at 11 from wales on sat,so had a lay in and hit the lanes round derbyshire again. Had a great wkend
Some of those climbs are pretty steep, remember one guy trying in his Surf one of the Black run climbs unfortunately there was not enough weight on the back to get traction even with Mud Terrains on.

Yep that clay is horrible and sticky and gets absolutely everywhere.