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Diesel Bleading



Having just read some earlier posts should that be - Bleeding diesels ?
James - When changing diesel filters I never use the handpump to prime / bleed the system, in fact, I don't even have to bleed the system.
I always remove the filter and housing. I keep the feed and return pipes with their ends up and often stick a bolt in the end of the pipes to stop diesel running out.
I undo the filter from the housing using my vice. I then fill the new filter with diesel right to the top and refit to the housing.
Reconnect the pipes and all you have is a tiny bit of air at the top of the housing.
Resart the engine - keep the revs up - you hear the revs drop as the little bit of air is purged.
Within a minute all is fine and the engine ticks over.
I have done this on lots of diesels - not just Toyotas - I have not had to resort to bleeding or bleading ! It works just the same on fuel housings that use the glass "sighting bowl" below the filter.
Regards Gareth Jones. '97 1-HDFT Newport S.Wales.