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diesel & LPG/propane - now Vegi Diesel



> Willem, I am investigating using biodiesel in my pick-up, could you please
> explain what you mean by this comment, bearing in mind I am not very gifted
> mechanically/technically :0)
Jon Wildsmith was talking about this on 80s-cool a little while ago and I asked him about it. His reply was:
Not quite that cheap, you need to pay tax on top of that but the
government are being lobbied to bring the tax on vegetable oil used as
fuel down to the same as LPG.
Like you I surfed the internet for information and started at 25% veggie
and went from there. Main reasons were cost and the fact you can
stockpile vegetable oil without creating a hazard unlike petro chemical
products. I've yet to find a UK bulk supplier that can compete with the
supermarkets though so means buying a lot of 3ltr bottles each week.
Are you out there Jon? And what's the state of play?
Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
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Still here, still doing fine on vegi oil. No stockpile yet but now we've
moved I'm working on it.
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