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Diesel pre heaters



As my 80 was supplied originally for the UN Asian theatre, it not only has
one 12v starting battery but also no diesel heater. It has remained that way.
Last year when I bought for the office a '96 model 80 supplied ex Toy Gib
for aid agency work, it came with 24v starting and 2 batteries, but again
with no heater. But it, like others I have seen, has a thick foam rubber
sleeve over the filter. Imagine the sort of closed cell foam insulation
that you put on water pipes in the attic, except it is about 4 inches ID.
It may even be a Toy part I don't know.
All through last winter despite the 3 metres of snow and low temperatures
up my mountain, I never had a fuel flow problem. But I would put that down
to a good anti-gel additive put in every tankful at low cost.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia