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Diesel quality etc



Julian wrote.....
What mix are you thinking of?
What is the HZ - isn't it the same block as the 1HD-T, but without the
BTW - do you know a cheap source for a spare inlet manifold that goes
over the top of the rocker cover?
What mix ?
Whatever you like sir. The forecourts have 'eco' and 'euro/D2'. But I would
prefer to tank it with one grade otherwise they get a bit agitated. If I
was really mean I could buy 'lozzhhh oieelyah' which is raw 35 second
heating oil - but don't worry I am not that stupid (unlike 50% of Bosnian
motorists who bribe the police when they stop them from running on the
stuff, easily seen by the smoke cloud left behind).
Yes the HZJ is the bog standard 12 valve non-turbo that the military use -
apart from OZ and Asian markets. (With ceramic capped pistons and 'heavy
gauge' head.)
Inlet manifold - if you mean the flattened alloy one on the non-turbo HZ
engine? then yes, from my breaker. But that engine was never sold in UK
was it ?
'92 HZJ 80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - who finally bought a '96 HZJ80
military spec, 24 volt starting, 7 seater, 177,500km, this week for the
office. Cost 8200 quid.


Toy80 said:
I was referring to the percentage vegi oil to diesel - in the UK the
supermarkets are selling a 5% mix, but if you go for the a conversion job
you can run a much higher (poss 100%) percentage of vegi oil - Jon
Wildsmith has been looking into it and may be able to chip in here.
No it wasn't, but if you want to fit an intercooler to the 1HD-T you need
to either cut the inlet pipe or you can use one from a 1HZ. I for one
would be interested in getting one because I want to put my own Intercooler
'solution' together and also Andrew Graham, who makes Intercoolers has been
looking for a way he can build a kit without having to get the customers
inlet manifold and then cutting it and modifying it. Given some 1HZ inlet
manifolds he can just sell a self install kit which would bring the price
down a bit from the ?550 + VAT he charges now.
Julian Voelcker
[Email address removed]
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
80less at the moment - Roll on June!


Got my A/C fixed

Well I had my A/C fixed.
Turned out that the gas had simply leaked away, leaving < 1/4 kilo, which explained why it was just barely working..
No obvious leaks were found, despite searching with UV light & goggles and using a sniffer. So replaced the O ring seal at the site of the previous leak, on the basis it was likely to be there again. Regassed with 900g of R134a + some oil and fluorescent die.
Total cost ?47, including VAT, which I thought was pretty fair considering he came to my house.
Two things I've learned:
(1) The diagnostic test "if you think it's probably not working, then it's not working" is correct. When it is working properly it should be uncomfortably cold when holding your hand against the air vent; also there shouldn't be any gurgling sounds from the evaporator unit when you switch the engine off.
(2) The R134a gas itself is not poisonous, but apparently the oil they add is if breathed in. The chap who came told me of someone doing the same mobile A/C work in South Devon who has severe breathing problems, and whose lungs have apparently been permanently damaged by careless breathing in of the vapour released when cracking open A/C systems.
Christopher Bell
Devon, UK
1996 1HD-FT