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Diff oil and auto box



Good Morning Guys
Its such a dry day today that I may change the diff oils. I bought some 85w
90 diff oil and compared to what came out of the cv joint last Sunday when
putting in the inner seal it looks lighter in consistancy. Is this the norm
for this diff oil, its just I dont want to put the wrong stuff in and mess
up my diffs. Also when I drain the auto box where do I refill from and if I
want to change as much as possible of the ATF is it a case of draining
filling draining filling and so on or is there another way.
John C
92HDJ 80 1 HDT Ireland


The colour of the oil is nothing to go by. I am not sure what
85w/90 diff oil is but the reccomendation is 80 or 90 so you seem
alright. If you don't have lockers then you need different stuff.
Regards, Clive.