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Different region different versions?


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Mar 13, 2023
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I am thinking about importing a land cruiser from the middle east to Canada and i wanted to know if there are different region versions because i have seen land cruisers in canada but i want to known if there are different models for north America and the middle east so i can learn research the changes that may beed to be made to import one to canada
There are some differences.

European = Full Spec Landcruiser (similar Lexus 570), but only available as V8 Diesel Biturbo, AHC, 4 Zone Aircon, Armrest Fridge, Leather, 11 Airbags, JBL 14 Sound Speaker
Australian = no AHC, standard suspension, similar above
Middle east = Low Spec, 6 zyl, manual gearbox available
US = Available as V8 Gasoline

This leads too to different spares. which arent all available on the local market if you import them. You probably will have issues with the air polution regulations.