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Digest format



For those of us who avidly read the digest each evening, can someone please
explain how to post without the huge tail of formatting code (or whatever it
is) that accumulates with each message? I just don't know how to post
without this happening, and obviously I'm not the only one.
Although I haven't contributed much in the past (one reason being that the
last time I mentioned this problem with the Digest format I got flamed 'cos
I'd done the same and left a long tail to the message) I'm about to start
renovating my KZJ70 and would like help (and may have something to
contribute as well).
I've just replaced the front UJ on the rear propshaft, for instance. What a
struggle! I'm shortly having a go at the braking system. I'd like to know
if I need to pay Toyota's prices for parts, or is there a good after market
supplier? Such things as wheel cylinders, calliper kits, flexi hoses etc.
Thanks, John McC


The big problem with the digest is too many people posting messages to
the list in HTML format, this radically increases the sizes of the
messages as results in lines and lines of crap in the digest.
Please everyone, do look at to see the
effects of posting messages to the list in HTML format and then try to
follow the info at
too learn how to configure your mail reader to only post the list in
text format.
If you need any help configuring your mail reader, drop me a line with
details of your mail program and I will see what I cann do.

Julian Voelcker
07971 540362
[Email address removed]