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Disc Brake Conversion for BJ40?


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May 19, 2016
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Has anyone got experience converting a 40 to front disc brakes using Toyota parts? I believe I can do this using part from a 60 Series (so I'm in the hunt for a donor axle) but someone also mentioned that this might be possible using parts from a Hilux. I don't particularly want to use an aftermarket kit. Mine 40 is late model/ 1984.

Again, sorry of this information is already on here.
I have 60 series axles on my 40 but it is somewhat modified but you are right the 60 series axle is 70mm wider but otherwise the parts are interchangeable. Some have fitted Hilux callipers (version 6, I think) but mine are HJ60 but my master cylinder piston diameter is 25.4 as opposed to the 22.2 used on the 40 series and the booster (servo) is 60 series.

During '79-'80 there was a 'European' spec BJ40 [4559 of them were made] that had discs on the front - they were identifiable by an extra number/s in the VIN [8, 85 or 9]- and most went to Germany. What they used I'm not sure but may be able to find out. But 60 series is probably the easier and cheaper way to go.
Thanks Rodger. I used to drive a Series Land Rover with drums all round, and never had any issues stopping; they just need to be set up right. I need to buy all new brake components for the 40 anyway, so it makes sense to upgrade if I can do it at roughly the same cost. The trouble might be trying to get a 60 axle at a reasonable price, which is why I asked about a Hilux. Very few in Spain and Ireland where I tend to be. If you know anyone breaking Cruisers I would be very grateful for an introduction :blush:
Leave it with me and I'll see what I can find. It would undoubtedly involve a trip to the UK, is that ok?
Leave it with me and I'll see what I can find. It would undoubtedly involve a trip to the UK, is that ok?
Hi Rodger, that would be great, thanks. I go to the UK a couple of time a year so that would be no bother. I was going to post something in the classifieds but as a 'new member' I don't appear to have the credentials to do that yet :sweatsmile:
Rodger, I don't know if you've made the connection yet, but I believe that you were on Mudrut trip to the Pyrenees with your 40 several years ago. My other half was the photographer.
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Oh Wow! I hadn't made the connection.

We have very fond memories of that trip and remember Ros, who seemed quite taken with our 40 at the time. The truck has undergone several changes since that trip in 2013: Getting the truck registered in Spain, sorting the suspension, getting a better tent(!), making the engine breath better and therefore climb better and we've have a lot more off road experience now.

Other than the original getting to southern Spain trip, the Andorra trip was our first big trip as we travelling from Andalucia to Andorra to to meet Ros, Tony, etc., - very memorable and enjoyable. I thought I'd written a trip report but it appears not but it was a 2400km, trouble free, round trip.

I still have the4x4 magazine with the trip report and Ros's photos. Please pass our regards to Ros.


I have had a look in my photo archive and have attached a few... mainly to remind Ros of that trip...



We were at 2600 metres but Ros needed the extra height for the photo!
I'm pretty sure we still have a copy of the magazine in a box too. I particularly remember that trip because I was jealous of Ros overlanding with an old 40. I would've liked to have tagged along on that one. I'm building my 40 for similar travels; Morocco shake down next year (hopefully). These kinds of trips, and my restoration, have basically been on hold since the kids were born. But there you go; small world!
Spoke with mate about 60 series axle and he hasn't got any and they are getting hard to find but he said if you have fine spline shafts then series 3 Hilux hubs, vented discs and callipers will fit straight on. Series 2 is the same but the discs aren't vented. If the shafts aren't fine spline then the planetary gears would need to be changed and obviously new shafts fitted.

You could always do your shakedown down here as we have a 2 deserts - Tabernas and Gorafe - and different degrees of off road challenges as our deserts vary from sand and gravel to rocks and the Gorafe is like a mini-Grand Canyon in parts.

And from for my part it would be great to offroad with another 40


Rodger, thanks for checking that out for me. Much appreciated. Even if nothing turns up I can always keep the original drums up front. The 'B' engine is no rocket; I might have more problems accelerating than braking :sweatsmile:

The 40 will be spending most of it's life in Spain, so I'm sure we'll be able to get the old girls together (if I ever get mine finished). I know a good photographer, but her lens only seems to focus on Land Rovers.