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Discussion on US parts availability


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Apr 10, 2014
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Thought we should banter this about a bit....

In the US we have great access to new and aftermarket parts. Prices are generally OK. The VAST majority of mechanical and interior parts are for NA spec vehicles only. We get a bit of JDM stuff here but not much.

If you have a petrol 40-200 series we have the parts for sure. Bj 40, BJ 60 and HJ 60 have good parts access as well. Outside of that.....

New OEM parts:

In the US Toyota has a giant presence. Getting parts is very quick and generally are never more than 3-5 days away. We do not pay shipping when ordering from a dealer so we save money there. The only parts a dealer can get or even access are NA spec parts. Even if you have the part number the US system will not let you search Non NA parts.

Go to You can search every truck every made and every part for it. The list price is about 20% higher than street price so keep that in mind.

You can search the part number for a diesel radiator in a 1997 80 series then see where that same part number was used in a NA spec vehicles and get a price. This way I can figure out the cost and true availability.

Aftermarket parts:

There is plenty of good stuff around. Knuckle kits, transfer kits, bearings, tranny kits, engine kits etc... Great deals on good quality radiators, water name it. I have been doing this quite a while and I have a very good feeling as to what is good quality aftermarket and what you really need to buy new OEM.


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Jul 15, 2012
Do you come across very much used "expedition equipment" that would suit us?


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Jul 21, 2010
How soon can we place orders for parts??

On the list are.

80 series front and rear axel rebuild kits
80 series bush kits
Window seal kits