Don't drive my Bentley!!!


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I am in great_britain
Feb 24, 2010
springs, gauteng
While waiting for my LC to be washed by the local carwash a, what can only be described as kid, rocked up in a Bentley Continental (the cooupe one?) and pulls up in wash bay.
The usual MO is park there, give the friendly guy your keys and walk away. Not our Bentley driver.
He hangs around, waits for them to wash it. When they done, the guy (washer) is about to drive the car to the driying bays. Nope. Not this car you don't.
After a small fuss, the owner gets in, starts it, blip of the engine, engaged reverse and crunch. Car, let me introduce you to gate post. Gate post, meet my dear friend Car.

The carwash owner, all his employees and the general public lingering about spun around to the noise. I suspect the carwash owner lost a few hairs in those few milliseconds.

Damage was: Cracked bumper, exhaust knocked back slightly brake cluster cracked. No metal work though. Not sure what happened under the bumper.
Damage to gate post: A smuge of Bentley Black Gloss.

Anyway, driver man gets out, walks around to the damage, shrugs his shoulders, puts dark glasses back on and gets back in the car and duly parks it for drying. Once dry, he drives off into the distance. I would put money on it he drove off, park in a side street and cried for half an hour.

I can only assume the Bentley, being British, is too polite to have parking sensors. None of that vile beep beep beep. No me...
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Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
I am in zimbabwe
Sep 10, 2012
Did you spot the price for a front disc????
R51379 EACH - almost £4500 or so - per disc!!!

R103k for a roof!!! That's about £10k :o

New price is $180k - so that repair bill is more than a new one :lol:

Love tha labour charge though - £40k :lol:

Andrew Prince

Well-Known Member
Feb 23, 2010
Joburg, sunny South Africa
Gary Stockton said:
New price is $180k - so that repair bill is more than a new one :lol:
Remember SA has a silly import duty on exotic sportscars (90% ?) so new Ferraris there are much more expensive than here. The list price on a 430 in SA is over R3 mil => $380k :shock: :shock:

No doubt that guy is finding insurance more tricky to come by 2nd time round :lol:

Crispin, what happened to your phone camera when you were giggling at the Bentley incident? We need pics! :mrgreen:
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