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Drone Laws world map and travelling with drones


Sep 18, 2012

Here I did collect information about travelling with drones. About people who got fined, got to jail and the rules.

It helps to be prepared. This Map by visualcapitaslist helps to get an idea about where more preparations is useful.

If you are not on a worldtrip - you will need more preparation. Then the details counts too. That Equador raises a heavy fee is well known, that drones are forbidden at the Galapagos (Equador) or at Machu Picchu (Peru) - such stuff is not shown.

Too such a map will outdate pretty soon, or is already outdated.

Article: Travelling with a Drone

On a worldtrip it is not possible to prepare any country that detailed! Sorry for all who think thats has to be done - we can talk after you did a >10 country and 6 months trip about.

I did too link a video about - why it is beautiful to document your journey too by drone.

There is a translate Button to the right :)

Good work @Surfy very useful. i've been pondering weather to treat myself to a drone before our next big trip (if we ever get rid of Crona virus) and have been wondering about the drone laws in each country.

Get a dji and if you have internet it will allow you to fly it or not. Very useful for restricted flight path areas around airports etc.
Unfortunately this isnt maintained well.

It can be done, like theses "global fencing" on lime eletric scooters whichs just drive slow in inner cities or when the parkingzones are limited.

But DJI didnt restrict any of my flights so far. Does this just works in the US?

It's stopped me flying around an airport a few times, as I was in the flight path. By an airport, I mean a tiny internal-only airport that I didn't know was there.
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The other day DJI launched Mavic 3 pro with great characteristics and I would be happy to buy one but then it turned out that due to some law restrictions I can't use it as often as I would like to :( a sheer disappointment...
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Any drone invading the airspace over any of our land is liable to be shot down..... they're now being used by criminal types to reconnoitre remote property's and farms.....
Neighbours had one zooming around their house at 5am a few weeks ago....
I was toying with the idea of getting a drone to complement my little trip vids here in Romania.

I checked-out the law and the restrictions here - and to fly one you need to register it with the military!

If that’s not bad enough, if you want to take video, you have to give the military 14 days notice, and receive written confirmation of approval, on each and every occasion You want to use it!

Needless to say, I won’t be getting one.
Another french overlander got jailed in 2020 in iran because of using a drone. We Overlander should avoid to fly them there.

Specially if we do carry a passport labeled with one of those (military) actors against the 'axis of e...'

Jailed for 8 Years, 8 Months - that is pretty long term.

Both my Neighbours have Drones.... I wish they would go to Jail for 8yrs Or Die... We live 20 ft from a 100 acres of Park land and they Fly them over my Garden.... I just fire up one of the Motorbikes at 7 30 in the Morning for No reason....... Morning! :lol: ..........
I've got an elderly neighbour obsessed with using a leaf blower to clear his drive and garden. He must be out two or three times a week with the blasted thing.... (sorry completely off topic - just wanted to whinge!).