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[ELCO Digest]Clutch change and OT Nissan question



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Hi Andy,
I think the only way would be to take the engine out and do the clutch - I
used to do that on some smaller front wheel drives - I know the FJ40/45
engine can be taken out without the box attached but often it's easier to
drop the two together and then split them. Personally I wouldn't like my
chances of getting an engine back onto the box - heavy lump.
Related but a little OT, someone on the list might be able to answer a
question regarding a Nissan Navara 2.5l Turbo Diesel on a 53 plate with 80K
miles that we have taken into a Nissan dealer with what sounded like top end
noise, perhaps half engine revs, certainly no more than engine revs.
I was convinced we had a faulty hydraulic valve lifter, although all looked
ok under the cam cover but I didn't have a feeler gauge set handy. Noise
appeared on start up and driver did 600 miles on motorways after the noise
appeared with no change.
The dealer doesn't think it's a lifter, found the cam chain slack, replaced
the tensioner to no avail. Next they are going to remove the head, as they
suspect a worn or failed bearing on big or small end of the con rod. They
say to remove the sump they need to remove the engine - hence removing the
head instead. Question - how will removing the head help them?
Malcolm Bagley
1975 FJ45 (Project in work)