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[ELCO Spotlights - Floods.



Hi Gareth,
Thanks for the heads up on those, as I said I had been on a few sites
from google but nothing was jumping out at me, searching for 'h4' has
shed light on the situation so I can now seee that there are a number
of suitable spots to choose from.
So only a small puddle really ;-)
It gets very wet down near here and one day coming back from dinner at
night I thought to hell with the diversions, I'll drive back through
the floods for a bit of fun.
All was going well until we came across one stretch of road which was
completely flooded and we were about to carry on through it when I
spotted something sticking out about 6 inches above the water on the
side of the road, as we approached it I realised what it was - the top
of a road sign warning of the hump back bridge ahead.
If I had continued the water would have been about 6 inches above the
roof line of the LC - there was a dip just after the road sign ;-)
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