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Electric fans



I finally got round to fitting the Kenlowe twin 13" electric fans on my
94 in place of the engine driven fan. Took me most of Sunday to
fabricate a frame and mountings for them as I didn't think much of the
mounting hardware supplied with them, not up to TLC standards anyway.
When I wired them up I added a switch so I can have them off (for water
crossings), thermostat controlled (normal), or on (I can cool things
down a bit after a hard run before switching off). I also fitted a pair
of warning lamps so I can see when the fans are operating (can hear them
outside but not from inside).
My main observation so far is that even in the current hot weather the
fans are almost not needed - normal driving doesn't switch them on. With
some hard slogging up long hills on maximum boost for 10 mins and then
coming to a standstill to get them to switch on even then they were only
on for 30 seconds and the gauge hadn't risen so I think they're still
kicking in at too low a temperature!
Just thought I'd update the list and those posts about Billing reminded
me why I didn't go ...
Best regards,