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Engine rebuild advice needed

Mick W

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Mar 2, 2020
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Bit of a long story but I'll cut to the chase. My 1KZ-TE cylinder head is cracked in three places and has couple damaged pistons. Had the engine removed and obtained recon engine for replacement however the replacement engine was out of a 4Runner and whilst similar does have some differences most notably the oil tube/dipstick location which fouls the fuel pump feeds and doesn't work with the sump. All the other ancillaries seem to fit ok. :disappointed:

Does anyone know a good garage that can take both engines and make any necessary adaptations and fit back into my Collie? TIA
The 1kz has as you say has 2 locations for the dipstick and different length's of dipsticks too when doing a sump change on these you always need to change to the corresponding tube and dip stick to suit the sump. Oil pickup too goes with the job.

There is a plug very similar to core plug that is fitted into the "spare" tube/dipstick location and with the sump removed you can drift it out carefully and switch the plug over to the other side of the engine...

If you have the diesel pump off the 4 runner I'd be interested in it, if you aren't using it.. PM me if this is the case..
@Iwan thanks for this, makes a lot of sense with what I am seeing. The recon engine is using all the ancillaries from the original engine so there is no spare, sorry. I have an oil dipstick and tube from a hilux but the feeder hits the sump which is shaped for my front transmission. This why I'm looking for a garage to take both engines and adapt.


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I see when I swapped a collie 1kz into my 70 years back it ended up with 2 dipsticks etc one read the oil on the rhs and the other was cut off and just a yellow d handled plug with oil written on it on the lhs of the engine. Lol

What area of the country are you in as it may help to find a local place to help you..

Good luck with you're mission... :thumbup:
It's a long story but finally there's light at the end of the tunnel. Just received these pics from LAR 4x4.... hopefully will be happy as a pig in sh*t soon. Been off the road since last September.

Even the 'reconditioned' engine I obtained was a crock of shite. Had a damaged/unconditioned piston FFS. That one's gone legal!

Glad I got these guys involved.


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Good to hear from you again Mick, and glad it's all progressing well at last !
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