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Fault Code and Strange Noise.


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May 28, 2023
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I finally found the OBD2 socket today, was under my nose all the time. Its below the steering wheel but its got a small black switch plugged into it, which is in the ON position...any ideas what that is for?
I pulled the switch out and plugged in my code reader and got the code P0203, checked on line and it says "Injector Circuit Malfunction-Cylinder 3".
Not long ago the car started making a strange and quite loud fluttering sound, which would descend in volume when I took my foot off the accelerator.
I took it to Toyota and they inspected it and said the air-box was loose, which I was sceptical about. My LC still made the noise, but it was now quieter and less pronounced,
so I think they did something, just not convinced it was the air-box.
Does anyone have experience of this fault and offer any advice please?
My LC is booked into Toyota as I have a warranty with them, just hope it's covered if it requires a new injector.