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fender flares for 70 series



Hi All,
After visiting a local 4x4 course in my KZJ70 and going extreme in my
cruiser ;-), I have smashed my passenger rear fibreglass fender flare.
I saw the post the other day about the duraflare they appear to be out of
stock for a 70 series and is discontinued.
They have fiberglass ones available, but I fear I will break these as well
and at $360.00(I assume that's for 4) could become an expensive game.
I could just take them off as my wheels don't stick out (yet), but I fear it
will be the body work next, although I don't think they add much protection.
Anyone have any ideas or third party flares I can bolt on?
Re - fibreglass fender flare
Missed the recent post you mentioned. Have you got the link for where
you can buy them?
I ripped off 2 last w'end in a bog hole - the clips are very flimsey
Niall HDJ80 with battlescars - oops! don't mention the war!