Fiery passed her MOT today with just two advisories.......


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I am in uk
Aug 10, 2010
Witham, Essex, United Kingdom
.........Took Fiery for her MOT a day early today after my epic hand brake adjustment, fitting a new side lamp & removing the rear ARB as there was no way the ball joints on that would've passed :p

She passed with just two advisorys :dance: :dance: :dance:

One of the advisories was '(centre box) Exhaust has a minor leak of exhaust gases' It was leaking from around the weld of the exhaust gas exit pipe @ the rear of the box & was welded up in situ by my MOT examiner for the small sum of £25 + VAT :D A far better alternative to £58 + Vat + delivery + two gaskets + the time to install it all :thumbup:

The other advisory was '(both front) Brake hose deteriorated' This I have not yet sorted as I'm unsure if I should get new'uns from Toyota via Ian or just get a couple from my local MF's or give Goodrich some of my hard earned :? What you lot think :?:

Andy Harvey

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Mar 6, 2010
Cheltenham, UK
Excellent Steven. Always feels good. When mine went through last week the guy couldn't believe the visible smoke levels were so low and also the braks were so good - even the handbarke on 10 clicks (I must adjust that cable) was calculated at 34% which for a truck that size is pretty amazing and the front brakes were calculated at 64% which again is pretty amazing and good testamet to EBC brake pads and IEZURA discs. Just got the front lower ball joints on an advisory and a leaking (only slight) rear shocker.
Mar 5, 2010
Mid-Wales, nr Llanfyllin
Just got mine through the MOT a few weeks ago. The only thing I did before hand was to sort out the driver's side washers. It's nice to be able to see through the windscreen for the first time in years

I got 6 advisories :whistle: but my truck does have a good few more years on it...
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Mar 14, 2010
Mine sailed through too, just one advisory, the seat belts couldn't be tested against the rear seats that weren't in the vehicle.
Took nearly two hours to test everything though, I guess the mechanic thought, being an old vehicle that something would be wrong with it.


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I am in australia
Mar 15, 2010
Would be great if everybody named the garage doing the MOT, made a comment about the garage and named the price. Would help others decide where to take theirs. I'll be adding mine soon.
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