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first works on my bj70


May 5, 2010
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First up...



Thanks...still a long way to go though...

Next Monday I'm taking it to the electrician 'coz the dashboard is not lighting up...
Oh nice!

I'm keen to see how it turns out

Good luck
I just got it back from the electician's today. I need to find a replacement clock and a new cigarette lighter (already ordered one from eBay). The LC clocks I found were similar to mine, but on the back they were marked as 12V not 24V :? Any suggestions?
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I would think your 70 has the normal 12 volt electrics, it just has a 24 volt starter like the 80 diesel. Could someone confirm this?
Both the cigarette-lighter and the clock I have are marked as 24V though...
Do you have 2 batteries? If not then you don't have anything on the car that will run on 24 volts. If you do then its highly unlikely that you have 24 volt electrics other than possibly the starter (on some LCs the batteries are in parallel not in series). Easy way to find out is to use a multimeter where the clock and lighter connects.

Nice truck BTW
Hmm my 2c - I think it could be 24V throughout. Some of the 60 series have 24V electrics. Stands to reason that a 70 from the same era could have the same :roll:
Just got it back from the uphosterer...:) I did the overhead upholstery. As soon as I get hold of the inner door-handles (which are still missing), I will take it back to start the main upholstery... to be uploaded soon... ;)
This is the overhead upholstery as it was when I got the Cruiser...


I'm missing my Cruiser right now...had a problem with the wheel-hub and I have to wait for about 3 weeks for the parts to arrive, so it's stuck at the mechanic's... :(
Back on the road again!!! I'll be restarting restoration soon after I'm on my feet again as this was quite an unforeseen expense!
Great to hear you're back on the road, looking forward to the next update

Just brought my baby from a general I'm preparing to change the second front wheel disc and fit new brake pads....after that...I will be restarting to restore the interior or fixing the front panel...
Front panel bought (actually got it as a present for my birthday! ;) ). Next week I'll be visiting the panel-beater to fix it up! :D
Something I forgot to mention....managed to fix the original clock! :D In a couple of weeks I am to take it to the panel-beater to replace the front panel and to fix a dent I have on the driver's door...