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fishy oil



Sorry to state the obvious, but let's start with basics. All dyno EP/Hypoy
gear oil smells very strongly fishy, and in good condition when in the
axle, will remain a golden colour - when viewed in a thin layer at least.
It may or may not be obvious that it is coming from the axle but if its
definitely not that source, just check the breather cap for the axle
which - if not extended to the firewall as all we enthusiasts have done -
is anchored on the nearside of the 80 from memory, in-line with the
injector pump on my HZ engine anyway. It should not weep from the breather
cap in normal circumstances, but there again, in the standard position the
breather cap is always surrounded by dust attracted by oil vapour. A though
Oxford canal south (where its raining this morning and I am having an
'office' day)
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia - welcome Lio