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Fitting New Throttle Postion Sensor Cable - Advice Please


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Aug 18, 2020
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After realising that my throttle position sensor cable was no longer retracting I'm about to replace it (Vehicle is a HDJ80). The new cable is supplied with the stopper which I presume is then crimped onto the exposed inner cable, although I've no idea where. Do I just put it the same position as on the old cable? Looked in the service manual but the information there only refers to the adjustment as far as I can tell. Thanks Mark
Thanks, that's a useful post although no mention of where to fit the stop on the new cable?
Now that he's tagged he should be along to give some advice when he's got a spare minute. I got a mechanic to do mine but i believe the other end goes inside the gearbox somewhere, you need to remove the sump and filter i think but having not done it can't really advise
@AndycruiserguyLomas just changed one on his...

That I did. I had the use of a long pit which helped. Also I got the cable from Amayama trading co ( £50 delivered genuine part) which was vastly cheaper than UK's Mr T. Note, only the genuine factory cable will do and it's the inner and outer all in one.

Mark, its not difficult but a bit involved. You can do it one of two ways, either without replacing the clip which holds the cable to the top of the autobox or ( as I did) replace the cable with the clip as factory. You will need a drip tray or you'll have ATF everywhere. First remove the front prop.
Unclip the cable at the pump end, then remove the splash tray and then drain the ATF from the autobox sump. Remove sump and thoroughly clean removing all sealant. YOu can then see where the cable attaches ( similar idea to the other end) and disconnect. The cable can then be removed vertically from the box. To remove from the truck you should then support the transfer box with a jack, ( I used a jumbo sized scissor jack) undo the crossmember bolts and lower the transmission down until the engine just about touches the bulkhead. This will allow you to get access to the bolt holding the clip which fastens the cable on top of the gearbox. This is something which you cant see so you do it by feel.
It may be pointed out that this may be not considered essential and the old cable can be cut and leave the remains attached to the gearbox as it sort of self routes from pump to box, or you could tiewrap the new cable to the remains of the old cable.
If you go down the route of not removing the clip you dont have to drop the transmission. However I did and if you do you must replace the clip onto the cable in exactly the right place ( to the mm) otherwise you'll never match the clip to the threaded hole.
Insert the cable back in the box and locate the nipple into the spindle, clean the mating surface of any old sealant and apply RTV silicon sealer sparingly to one surface and refit the sump. If you need to put the clip/bolt back in place on top of the box and raise the transmission and re attach. Grease the front prop while its off and re fit as well as the splash guard ( check the tightness of the sump plug whilst you'r there).
Back up top attach the cable to the pump and clips to other hoses etc and adjust to specified settings.
Lastly, having measured what came out, replace the ATF with new and that should be it.
As a note to what Nick said, I didn't see a need to remove the filter as the cable was off in a minute and replaced in a couple ( in the autobox).

I think thats about it from memory, let us know how you go on with pics. It took me about 3 1/2 hours but I wasn't rushing and having never done one before feeling my way along the job. Having done one and having al the right tools to hand I reckon I could halve that.

Have fun.
Many thanks for your extensive reply! Thats all very useful.
I also bought my cable from Anayama, it came with what looks like a tiny stop (crimp) separate and I'm not sure exactly where it should go once the new cable is in?
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Thanks, I shall be attempting this today so will let you know how it goes!
Managed to replace the cable ok by lowering the transmission as you advised. I could see the infamous clip from the engine and by uncoupling the transmission dipstick tube and a heater hose there was just room to get at it with a 3/8” stubby ratchet.

Clip just visible in the background (mice have been in here at some point!)

Old and new cables


Lowering transmission

Everything back together, just need to set the cable up, any advice much appreciated as I’m unsure where to place the crimp on stop