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flashing dashlights



Reno wrote...
So wassup with this alternator hoo-haw? I priced one and it's not
cheap (400 euros). While looking at the little metal tag on my
existing alternator I see that it was built in 2004. So replacing
the alternator seems, well, stupid, so I don't plan to. But I would
dearly love to stamp out those dashboard lights.
You are in luck, I have just fixed mine after 4 and half years of
flashing - and you didn't mention the clicking relays behind the kick
panel either !
The story...
When I traded-in my 4Runner for the 80 I drove two from which to
choose mine. The other already had the lights flashing, but I knew
about the problem. So I chose the other that didn't flash. That
lasted about 10 days and it too then started, and at the time it did
appear to be linked to throttle position, but soon got worse -
latterly to the point that it would flash with key 'on' but engine off.
I knew about the problem as it afflicted our fleet of 80's & 70's and
was cured - expensively - by a new alternator. But in Bosnia with no
authorised Toy dealers, plus there are no auto electricians who
repair alternators, there is little hope, and anyway aid agencies
tend to play safe and replace parts rather than repair them. But my
Scots ancestry determined that I would get the alternator fixed as
and when at the right price.
Yes, it put out the usual current and would not test with a fault. It
always charged the battery and what few electric gismos that I have,
all worked. But I didn't like the relays clicking. I looked at the
80scool archive and there is a good diagnosis of the problem there,
though people still occasionally pop-up on the list asking about the
problem. But my problem was that whenever I flew home I never seemed
to have the baggage capacity to take the bulk and weight of an
alternator so I could get it fixed in UK. Let alone the 'security'
implications coming out of and returning into a post-conflict country.
I was told that it was either a problem with worn brushes or an
'earth fault' somewhere inside. So one time when I returned to UK I
brought all the numbers from the alternator, gave them to the Toy
dealer and he relieved me of the value of what seemed like a new
alternator, for a combined brush holder and rectifier pack. But upon
getting home I found it was for another alternator, not mine.
So with the 80 finally back in UK I asked a Surf owning mate if he
had used a local auto electrician for Toy bits, he immediately told
me of a man with a small shop (in Markyate near Dunstable for UK
readers) who specialised in Japanese electrics, and he would only
repair what was needed and did not rob the customer.
I saw him, told him the problem and warned that the alternator would
probably test-out OK. He said he had seen similar before and said it
needed a new regulator and possibly brushes. A theory I could not argue with.
I got the alternator back next day, with new regulator and new brush
box and brushes, paid GBP40, fitted it, and no more flashing lights
or clicking relays - so far.
Suggest you try the same.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia