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For Sale: RedArc2410 BCDC


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Apr 15, 2022
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Selling a REDARC2410 BCDC - this is a 9-32V to 24v converter/charger. It is the predecessor to the 2420BCDC.
Looks just like the 2420, only 2 differences:
1) most obvious is a 10A charge rate instead of 20A
2) less obvious is that it does not contain the MPPT solar controller.

I used it for about 2yrs to charge a 24v cabin batt bank. Works great. Replaced it with the 2420 a couple weeks ago for increased charging speed.
I initially bought it because I wasn't ready at the time to drop the cash they want for the 2420 and I wanted to work with it and see if it actually performed how they say it does. Can confirm all good to go there.
Can be used on both 12v and 24v native systems for charging 24v storage.
$200 OBO+ship