Forest Chains



Lal wrote...
What is "Forest chains" and how does it protect from undergrowth?
Hi Lal, I am sure you will see them used in the forests where you are,
especially on the timber harvesters. Forest chains are basically chain mail
(or is it male?) for tyres. They are very closely knitted links, so when
you see a vehicle with them on, at first glance they look like silver
tyres, then when you get closer you see that they are thick chain links
all, well........ linked! They are tight enough knitted that only small
spikes, like splintered tree stumps or branches, or sharp broken stones can
get through. So the larger sharper nasty bits tend to depress the tyre via
the chain mail rather than go straight into the tread.
I will take a picture next time I see some, though I would more likely see
a forest tractor first before a 4WD with them fitted, we try not to get too
near the demining teams =-O
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia.
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