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front brake calliper on 70 series



Does anyone have experience of stripping and rebuilding brake
callipers? I have a recurring problem with the n/s front brake on my
1994 LC2 3 litre TD. This winter, as last, the lower pistons (they're
4 pot) have seized on with consequent pulling to the left and braking
to the right, and a very hot n/s hub. The first time it happened I
eased the piston in and out (with great difficulty, initially) using a
lever to push it in and then pumping it out with the pedal. Having
freed it off I put in new pads and all was well until the wet and the
mud and the cold returned. Now it's sticking again. Any views on
this? Do Toyota do an overhaul kit? I've never split a calliper.
Has anyone out there? Any help greatly appreciated.
John McCartney
Sounds as if the piston seal is finished. You could try taking the
piston out on the vehicle and cleaning the piston and bore, they do
get gummed up with time, if that failsl take the caliper off and give
it a service. I dont know if Toy. do an overhaul kit but I would not
entertain it, they do not make seals, they buy them in as you can. You
may get parts for this from Milner, or your local bearing supplier
would be able to match the seals for you. The job is common sense, if
you do your own servicing then you can do this.
Regards, Clive.