Front diff breather valve


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I am in morocco
Feb 24, 2010
I gave the 80 the once over today following our Morocco trip.

The front diff was full of the dreaded pea soup :cry:

As I loosened the filler plug there was a rush of air inwards. I did a front axle rebuild a few months ago and drilled the breather union out to 5mm as suggested here.

On top of the breather tube pipe is a one way valve which is clearly designed to let air out but not in, the result being as the axle warms up it expels air out of the breather, as it cools down it can't draw the air back down the tube due to the one way valve. Instead it 'sucks' air back through the oil seals.... complete with CV grease :(

Is it okay to junk the valve and just extend the breather tube up into the engine bay?


Apr 16, 2010
Western Sahara
Is it okay to junk the valve and just extend the breather tube up into the engine bay?
I did exactly this. However, from then on my extended breather tube is regularly spitting small amounts of grease out. Before the short hose that extended the breather was dry. Don't understand. :confusion-scratchheadyellow:


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Sep 7, 2010
Some fuel line and a small fuel filter at the end did the trick for me.
I extended the breather line way up into the enginebay.

A turn at the top has it acting like a diving snorkle.
Not that I intend to go snorkeling with the Toy though. ;)
Just something I picked up when servicing ATV's.
These things get drowned all the time.


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I am in scotland
Sep 8, 2010
Isle of Arran
A common mod is to fit extended breathers (or wading kit). On the Hilux Pickup Owners Club forum I sell a kit consisting of 2 axle fittings, a joinin t-piece and 6 meters of 6mm pneumatic hose. All proceeds go to Cancer Research so I don't make a penny on them. If you would like me tosort one of these kits out then drop me a pm and I can sort out something for you. The kits are £20 delivered to the UK. I have a choice of tube colours - red, green, natural (white), black, yellow, blue and orange.
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