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Front propshaft transmission noises?


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Jun 13, 2021
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Hi All

In addiiton to all the cheerful body rattles, I have started hearing worrying new noises from the transmission on my "KZJ120R" Prado. On take-up, when I lift the clutch, I hear a distinct knock. If I let it roll in neutral I sometimes hear a rapid clicking. Occasionally, if I get into too high a gear and let the revs fall, when I add power I can get a really viscous sounding rapid, sharp knocking. I believe these are all caused by the same thing, it's very hard to tell exactly where it comes from, but it's definitely the front half of the car.

So I crawled underneath and found there seems to a lot of play in the joint from the gearbox (or that actually the centre diff?) to the front prop shaft. I can turn the prop shaft back and forward perhaps10 or 20 degrees against the half of the UJ on the gearbox side. I can imagine that this fits the symptoms, do you agree ? If so how hard is it to replace that joint? And what is it called ?! It looks like a typical UJ, it has no grease nipples, and it seems to mate directly into the gearbox/diff, so I guess there's some important oil seals there!

I tried searching the web, but as I have no idea what it's called, I am not having a lot of success.