FSM Handbrake diagram is wrong!

Dave 2000

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Mar 26, 2010
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I noticed an error in the FSM for the 80 handbrake and had contaminated Chris's thread...sorry Chris.

So a new one because there has been so much written about the 80 handbrake.

When you look at the FSM diagram of the handbrake shoes it should be pointed out the pins for the hold down assembly are transposed! The cranked pin should be on the same side as the shoe with the brake lever fitted, so note this important point.


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Feb 24, 2010
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No problem at all Dave. I have to say I've not had occasion to look at that particular detail on the FSM. I've always put the cranked pin on the lever side. Frankly I didn't think you could actually put it together the other way round. All they do is hold the plates against the backing plate and not particularly well at times. Some of the rebuild kits available are very poor indeed. It's an important point to get right, most probably to prevent newbies wasting endless hours trying to get them in the other way around.

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