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Fuel additives



I have got that - never wished I asked - feeling again ;o(
Clive thanks for telling us about Forte. I have googled it and it seems
available from several retail suppliers by mail order. There is no
importer's site (looking quickly anyway) that tells you where local
stockists are. So it appears to be more a trade product.
Yes you are right Miller's do claim pump lubrication as one of the
benefits. And that is what my priority is cos I don't trust the low sulphur
stuff going through my 13 year old pump. Particularly after seeing what
some local bad 'al Tariq' diesel did to all our office VW's in one week.
When I ran diesel cars in UK years ago I used Millers additive then and was
impressed with the slight extra mpg, but more importantly the dramatic
reduction in smoke from my turbo. I also used their synthetic oil, if
nothing else cos 'diesel car' magazine had done some impressive tests with
it, and from new up till then I had used Duckams QXR synthetic which was
far more expensive.
So I will get some Miller's additive when I get home, they list stockists
on the website.
Psychologically I have to get through that barrier concerning quantity
added. I use one 340ml bottle of 'ABRO' additive every fill-up. Somewhat
similar in quantity to Wynns & STP. On the other hand Millers and RedX go
by about 1cc per 10 litres, or about 70ml a fill-up. But I will just have
to be strong about it !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where the locals think acetone is for
sniffing - like your Abbos and avgas Marek !