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Fuel cleaners



Hi Chris
Can you e-mail me, I may be interested. I tried to get you but it wont send.
john92hdj80 1hdt
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From: chris coombs
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Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 9:09 PM
Subject: [ELCO] Fuel cleaners
Hi John et al
re fuel cleaners/additives/flushes/injector cleaners
I had a close involvement with Forte - -look up their website - they make all of the above and more besides.
They pride themselves and their product on the fact that it does what they say it does, and undertake loads of tests at independent garages - main dealers, specialists, independents, etc. The results prove that the products work in the +% of tests.
Lots of MOT stations use them exactly as described - a fix for poor emissions. Should anyone on here want to try out Forte products let me know, I can supply a a very competitive price.
07812 344740